Schleich Tiere

Das Unternehmen Schleich ist in den 50er Jahren damit bekannt geworden, Figuren wie die Schlümpfe oder Biene Maja herzustellen.


Heute sieht man in den Regalen eher die Figuren, die vor allem naturgemäße Tiere darstellen, die sehr realistisch aussehen. Vor allem die Farben und auch die Wertschätzung der Einzelheiten machen Schleich zu einer qulitativ hochwertigen Marke. Dies zeigt sich vor allem in einer Welt, in der Spielzeuge en masse produziert werden und oft gar nicht kindergerecht hergestellt sind. Continue reading Schleich Tiere

Prinzessin Lillifee

Die Prinzessin Lillifee Geschichten enstanden im Coppenrath Verlag, ist eine sechsbändige Buchreihe, die von einer kleine Fee handelt, die gemeinsam mit ihren Freunden viele Abenteuer erlebt.


Nicht nur die Bücher sind gerade omnipräsent, die Fülle an Lillifee-Artikeln ist unüberschaubar geworden. Bei Kindern ab dem Kindergartenalter ist Lillifee DER Begriff schlechthin. Von Lillifee gibt es Stifte, Puppen, Taschen, Federmappen, Kartenspiele,Brotdosen,Geschirr, Schmuckdosen,Uhren, Bettwäsche….und vieles mehr.

Um eines der vielen Artikel vorzustellen, ist beispielweise das Brettspiel “Lillifee – der Große Feenball” toll.

In dem Spiel geht es vor allem darum, den Kindern spielerisch Merkfähigkeit, Geschicklichkeit und Konzentration beizubringen. Prinzessin Lillifee muss für den großen Feenball ein tolles Kleid anziehen, weiss aber nicht welches. Continue reading Prinzessin Lillifee


Wer kennt es nicht? Das Spieleparadies schlechthin:  Toys’R’Us!


Jedes Kind wünscht sich bestimmt einen ganzen Tag einfach alleine in dem Laden sein zu können. Denn Toys’R’Us bietet so viele Spielwaren an, wie kaum ein zweiter Laden auf der Welt.

Angefangen in den USA, hat sich das Unternehmen auf der ganzen Welt etabliert. Führende Spielwarenmarken sind bei Toys’R’Us auf der ganzen Welt vertreten. Denn nicht nur Spielwaren sind zu haben, sondern auch alles was allgemein mit Kindern zu tun hat. Beipspielsweise kann man auch Babywagen in einem der Läden kaufen. Continue reading Toys’R’Us

Baby Born

Zapf Creation – eines der ältesten Spielwaren-Hersteller- hat im Jahre 1991 die Baby Born Puppe auf den Markt gebracht.


Sie ermöglicht es, kleinen Mädschen den zu erfüllen, in die Rolle der Mutter zu schlüpfen und sich liebevoll um ein Kind zu kümmern. Dementsprechend ist das Konzept so entwickelt, dass die Puppe sowohl weint, aus dem Fläschen trinkt, als auch in die Windeln macht- realistisch wie es nur geht und das alles ohne Batterie. Continue reading Baby Born


LEGO ist wohl jedem Menschen auf der Welt bekannt. Die kleinen Klötzchen, die in zig Farben und Größen vorhanden sind, lassen der Kreativität freien Lauf.

Jede erdenkliche Form oder besser gesagt jedes Modell lässt sich mittlerweile mit den kleinen Steinen zusammenbauen. Ich glaube eine Kindheit Lego, ist keine vollständige Kindheit. Continue reading LEGO

Live Broadcasts of Tennis Matches From All Around the World

Live Broadcasts of Tennis Matches From All Around the World

The tennis season of 2018 turned out to be really exciting. There has been a place for both new discoveries and comebacks of experienced players, and this often happened during the same tournament.

The tennis calendar is created in such a way that there are almost no long pauses. For the fans, this is not only an opportunity to enjoy confrontations with the participation of their favorite athletes, but also a chance to count on big wins. The odds for tennis competitions are usually very high, especially if it is a match between opponents who are equal in powers.

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Given the fact that recently the participants’ level has increased noticeably, we can say that this situation is becoming more common. Live tennis streaming feature available at this site provide users with an opportunity to be the first who first learn about the latest changes on the courts.

It is important to note that we are focusing not only on the tournaments of the Grand Slam series, but also on many other competitions, so that you won’t miss anything important and have the most detailed picture of the game day.

The line represents not only popular sports, but also many of those that you can hardly find anywhere else. For example, cricket bet live 1xbet section. During this exciting competition, even one hit can change a lot, and this fact greatly influences the odds.

Live Broadcasts of Matches

Tennis matches vary greatly in their length. One can lasts only a few minutes (40-50), while others take several hours. It is important for live mode, too, and it is also difficult for athletes to maintain powers after several hours spent on the court.

Among film the most popular forecasts options in tennis are the following:

Victory of one of the athlete. This is the easiest option, which still remains the most popular among the bettors.
Number of sets. Moreover, now bookmakers accept bets even on number of games, but in this case it is necessary for you to quickly adjust to changes on the court.
Unforced errors, outs and other statistics data. They give you a chance to earn money, too, especially if you study the respective data about previous games of the participants well.
Thus, broadcasts of tennis matches are very popular among users. And it concerns both major competitions and local tournaments. This is an extra evidence that this sport is now on the rise and the season 2019 plans to end up being more exciting.

Impact of Online Broadcast of Football Matches

Impact of Online Broadcast of Football Matches

On the progressive portal from the reliable bookmaker, there’s an opportunity not only to make forecasts on any football matches held all over the world, but also to watch them online. This opens up new opportunities for the users.
Now, you can always learn about the result and watch the confrontation on the TV. This is an excellent way to be aware of all changes without making effort. Thanks to the simple and user-friendly interface, it’s easy to navigate on the platform. That’s why the cooperation with 1xBet is a solution for those users who know a lot of football and other kinds of sport.

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Here, new events are regularly added to meet all registered clients’ needs. The sports betting with the professionals has a lot of advantages, for example:

fair cooperation and opportunity to withdraw money even to your bank card;
wide range of events and elaborate lines, in which it’s easy to find the most intriguing confrontations;
high rates of all types of competitions.
Streaming live football will let not only control the outcome, but also make the most profitable forecasts. The rates of such matches are very high and sometimes even one shot is enough to turn everything upside down.

Features thai lottery win tip of Betting on the Thoughtful Portal

With the reliable bookmaker, you can make the most profitable forecasts that’ll let you make a profit within a very short time. The number of football matches will really impress you. Here, attention is paid not only to leading European leagues, but also to other championships, which will let you evaluate the advantages of working with our company.

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To start making bets, it’s enough to register and replenish your balance. The access to a wide event line is a chance to prove to everyone and primarily to yourself that you are an excellent predictor and make sense of many people’s favorite game.

Now, you can start playing being anywhere in the world, as it’s possible to make bets in a special app. Also, when working with the gadget, you can choose a mobile version of the portal that’s no worse than the full one and doesn’t spend traffic. Stop just enjoying football matches – join our company and acquire good money with this right now.